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Hi, my name is Evim,
I studied computer science at Suffolk County Community College in New York. Afterward, I switched major to graphic design.I decided to go to Briarcliffe College because is a well known school
in the Graphic Design field. I picked Graphic Design because I like dealing with 2D and 3D animation, web design, magazine layout, photography, and effects applied in videos. In short words I like the computer arts or stuff related to computer. I can not believe I have learned a lot in two years in the Graphic Design program but it takes hard work and a lot of time consumed on projects. I just did two
years because of the credits taken at the previous college (SCCC). I wanted to
pursue a major in Computer Science but difficulties came up with math issues
and that was my reason why I changed major. I am glad I am a Graphic
Designer because I can do my own creativity...